Office of Vantaa Dance Institute

Address: Kilterinkuja 2, 01600 Vantaa

Phone: p. 050-354 5662

Office hours: Mon 9-15 Fri



Payment methods and registration of Vantaa Dance Institute 2018-2019

Registration for dance classes is made in an online registration system ENNI. Each student needs to register through ENNI in the beginning of each autumn term.

Get acquainted with the timetable and choose the lessons. Fill in the student’s social security number when signing in to ENNI. After signing in you can make changes for your information.

ENNI is open for registration each autumn until week 42. For spring term the registration opens in week 49. Students can pre-registrate for the next autumn term during three spring weeks in April-May. For new students the autumn term registration opens in the end of May.

All changes needs to be made through the office after the term has begun on week 34 (spring term week 2). Vantaa Dance Institute will send the payment invoice according to the information given in ENNI. See the payment schedule below.
Note. The classes will begin on the week 34 (Autumn) and on the week 2 (Spring).

Link to the Autumn term 2018-2019 Timetable
Link to the Registration

Autumn 2018
4-week period 30.9, 31.10, 30.11, 31.12
Payment in two periods 30.9, 30.11
One period 31.10

Spring 2019
4-week period 31.1, 28.2, 31.3, 30.4, 31.5
Payment in two periods 31.1, 31.4
One period 28.2


The invoice can be sent via email or e-invoice. Paper invoice is possible for an extra +2€. The payment method is selected when enrolling to classes.

Please, do not make any changes to your payment without discussing with the office secretary first (phone number 050 54 5662). If you have any reclamation concerning the payment – please contact us immediately! The time for reclamation is 7 days. After that the payment is considered as accepted.

The payment can be paid in 4-week periods or the full term in one or two periods. The total payment is the same amount either you pay the term in one part or in two parts. All changes to the payment methods considering the autumm term should be made before 20th August 2018.
Prices are described below (pdf).